Bajaj Pulsar N250

The Bajaj Pulsar N250 has been a much-anticipated addition to the market. I promising a blend of sporty performance and commuter practicality. With a keen eye for detail and a penchant for innovation, Bajaj has aimed to deliver a motorcycle that not only looks the part but also excels in its performance and features. Let’s delve into the pros and cons of this new offering:


1. Well-rounded, Sporty Commuter Package: The Bajaj Pulsar N250 is designed to appeal to riders looking for a sporty yet practical motorcycle. It strikes a balance between performance and everyday usability, making it a versatile choice for various riding conditions.

2. Competitive Pricing: Bajaj has positioned the Pulsar N250 competitively, undercutting most rivals in its segment. This makes it an attractive option for budget-conscious buyers looking for a feature-packed motorcycle.

3. Improved Features: The N250 addresses many of the weak points of its predecessor, offering upgrades such as a slip-and-assist clutch, upside-down fork suspension, digital instrument cluster, turn-by-turn navigation, LED projector headlight, switchable traction control, ABS modes, and an integrated USB charger. These features enhance the overall riding experience and convenience.

4. Tractable Engine: The N250 is equipped with an engine that delivers oodles of low-end torque, making it effortless to ride in various conditions. The gearing and clutch are light, further enhancing the rideability of the motorcycle.

5. Refined Engine: The engine of the N250 is refined, with NVH levels comparable to those of Japanese 250cc commuters. The deep and bassy exhaust note adds to the overall appeal of the motorcycle.

6. Mature Suspension: The suspension of the N250 strikes a nice balance between ride quality and handling. It offers a comfortable ride on varied road surfaces, enhancing the overall riding experience.


1. Braking Performance: The front brake of the N250 feels wooden and lacks progressive feedback, while the rear brakes lack bite. This can be a concern for riders looking for precise braking performance.

2. Ergonomics Quirks: Some riders may find quirks in the ergonomics department, including the placement of rear-view mirrors, handlebars, and side-stand lever. These issues can affect the comfort and convenience of the rider.

3. Windblast and Buffeting: The N250 exhibits windblast and buffeting even at moderate speeds, which can be bothersome for riders, especially during long highway rides.

4. Highway Performance: While the N250 is sporty within urban confines, it may not be very composed at highway speeds or during fast cornering. The lack of a sixth gear and the 2-valve engine running out of breath with climbing revs can reduce the fun factor on highway rides.

5. Plastics and Decals Quality: While the quality of plastics and decals has improved compared to previous models, there is still room for improvement. The long-term durability of these components remains to be seen.


The Bajaj Pulsar N250 offers a compelling package for riders seeking a sporty commuter motorcycle. With its attractive pricing, feature-packed design, and improved performance, it aims to cater to a wide range of riders. However, some concerns regarding braking performance, ergonomics, windblast, and highway performance may need to be addressed to appeal to a broader audience. Overall, the N250 represents a step forward for Bajaj in the competitive commuter motorcycle segment.