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In a world of modern SUVs, the Force Gurkha stands out with its rugged charm and unwavering off-road prowess. Now, with the introduction of the 5-door variant, it aims to offer both traditional brawn and modern comfort. Let’s dive into the details of this old-school beast with new-age sensibilities.

Force Gurkha 5-Door: Aesthetic Evolution

While the Gurkha has always been synonymous with toughness, the addition of two rear doors brings a newfound sense of practicality without compromising its iconic design. The subtle yet significant changes in dimensions and styling, including a wider track, updated grille, and larger alloy wheels, enhance its visual appeal while retaining its unmistakable boxy silhouette.

Interior Upgrades: Merging Utility with Elegance

Inside the cabin, the Gurkha strikes a balance between utility and sophistication. The introduction of modern amenities such as a 9-inch touchscreen infotainment system and a digital instrument cluster elevates the driving experience. However, it’s the thoughtful touches like the placement of window controls and integrated rear door pads that truly enhance usability.

Comfort and Convenience: A Mixed Bag

While the front seats offer ample comfort and storage, the second-row seating may leave some passengers wanting more space and amenities. Nevertheless, the third row provides generous accommodations, making the Gurkha a viable option for family adventures. Despite minor shortcomings, the inclusion of roof-mounted AC vents ensures a comfortable journey for all occupants.

Performance Upgrade: Power Meets Reliability

Under the hood, the Gurkha retains its robust 2.6-litre turbo-diesel engine, now delivering an impressive 140bhp and 320Nm of torque. This enhanced power output, coupled with the introduction of Eco and Power drive modes, ensures a versatile driving experience both on and off the road. Despite its rugged demeanor, the Gurkha remains surprisingly efficient, thanks in part to its new auto start-stop system.

Driving Dynamics: Where Capability Meets Comfort

On the road, the Gurkha maintains its utilitarian charm, offering a comfortable ride despite its tall and heavy build. However, it truly shines when taken off-road, effortlessly conquering obstacles with its exceptional approach and departure angles. While its handling may not be sporty, its off-road prowess more than compensates for any on-road limitations.


  1. Exceptional off-roading prowess
  2. Functional five-door design
  3. Robust and practical
  4. Reliable off-road performance
  5. Comfortable ride on rough terrain
  6. Impressive road presence


  1. Interior quality needs enhancement
  2. Limited after-sales support
  3. Room for improvement in cabin quality and ergonomics
  4. Second-row seats lack comfort
  5. Challenges with highway overtakes

Verdict: A Timeless Icon Reinvented

With its blend of old-school strength and modern comfort, the Force Gurkha 5-Door emerges as a compelling option in the SUV segment. Its competitive pricing, coupled with its unmatched off-road capability, makes it a standout choice for adventure enthusiasts. While it may have its imperfections, they only add to its unique character, solidifying its status as a true icon in the world of off-roaders.