In India, the combination of CNG and automatic transmission in a single car has been a long-awaited innovation. Typically, those opting for the cost-effectiveness of CNG cars have had to forgo the convenience of automatic transmissions. That changed with the introduction of the Tata Tigor iCNG AMT, which combines both of these features. Let’s see if Tigor iCNG AMT truly lives up to the hype.


  • Fuel: Petrol, CNG
  • Engine: 1199cc / 3-Cylinder
  • Transmission: 5 Speed AMT
  • Power: 72BHP @ 6000RPM (CNG)
  • Torque: 95Nm @ 3500RPM (CNG)
  • Price: Starting at ₹8.84 lakhs (Ex-Showroom)
  • X-Factor: First in India to offer the convenience of an automatic and the efficiency of CNG.
  • Engine: 1.2-litre three-cylinder Revotron petrol engine.
  • CNG Mode: 72 bhp, 95 Nm torque.
  • Petrol Mode: 85 bhp.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Roughly 150 km on CNG alone, with a 35-litre petrol tank adding another 400-420 km range.

The Tigor uses the same 1.2-litre engine for both CNG and petrol modes, producing 72 bhp in CNG mode and 85 bhp in petrol mode. The AMT unit responds accurately to driver inputs, and the dual-cylinder CNG setup provides roughly 150 km range on CNG alone, with an additional 400-420 km range from the petrol tank.


  • Available only in top two XZ and XZ+ variants.
  • Improved torque delivery compared to the manual version.
  • AMT fine-tuned to better respond to driver inputs.


  • Platform: Based on the smaller Tiago.
  • Wheels: 14-inch steel styled to look like alloys.
  • Features: Chrome finish on the grille and window line, shark fin antenna, projector headlamps with LED DRLs.

The Tigor’s exterior has retained its design since 2017, with a neatly integrated third box and 14-inch steel wheels styled as alloys. Exterior features include a chrome finish on the grille, window line, shark fin antenna, and projector headlamps with LED DRLs.

  • Interior Trim: Near-white faux leather in top trim, fabric upholstery in base CNG version.
  • Features: Dual-tone interior, 7.0-inch touchscreen with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, automatic climate control, digital speedometer, and dual fuel indicators.
  • Rear Seat: Best for two, with a center armrest enhancing comfort.

The Tigor aims for a premium feel with a near-white interior and faux leather seats in the top trim. Features include a 7.0-inch touchscreen, automatic climate control, and dual fuel indicators. The rear seat accommodates two comfortably, with a center armrest for added comfort.


  • Performance in CNG Mode: Smooth gear shifts in residential areas, but slower shifts under hard acceleration.
  • Performance on the Highway: Comfortable cruising at high speeds; delayed kick-down effect for overtaking.
  • Petrol Mode: More vigorous power delivery, slightly better kick-down effect, improved NVH levels.


  • Allows drivers to control gear shifts for quicker response.
  • Best for hurried driving situations, but automatic mode remains ideal for normal driving.

The Tigor iCNG AMT’s 5-speed AMT automates gear shifting and clutch actions, providing a smooth and intuitive driving experience in residential areas. However, the AMT takes longer to shift gears when pushed hard. On the highway, the Tigor cruises comfortably but exhibits a delayed kick-down effect during overtaking. Switching to petrol mode reveals a noticeable performance difference, with more vigorous power delivery and slightly improved NVH levels.


  • Steering: Light and easy to maneuver, but lacks feedback at higher speeds.
  • Ride Quality: Softer suspension, absorbs road imperfections well.
  • Braking: Adequate with front disc and rear drum brakes.

The Tigor’s compact dimensions and light steering make it easy to maneuver, though the steering lacks feedback at higher speeds. The ride quality is slightly bouncy due to the softer suspension but handles road imperfections well. Braking is adequate with front disc and rear drum brakes.


With the combination of CNG efficiency and automatic convenience, the Tigor iCNG AMT offers a practical solution for daily driving needs, especially for those who commute in urban areas. Despite some limitations in the availability of CNG pumps and boot space, the Tigor iCNG is a no-brainer for an efficient daily runabout.