Bajaj Auto is set to redefine the Indian motorcycle market with the launch of its highly anticipated CNG motorcycle, the Bajaj Bruzer, in June 2024. This groundbreaking motorcycle, the first of its kind in India, is expected to offer a cost-effective and environmentally friendly commuting solution.

Lower Running Costs and Greener Mobility

One of the key highlights of the Bajaj Bruzer is its significantly lower running costs. By primarily utilizing CNG as its fuel source, the motorcycle is expected to reduce running costs by almost half compared to traditional petrol-powered bikes. Additionally, CNG burns cleaner than fossil fuels, offering a greener alternative for environmentally conscious riders.

Design and Features

The Bajaj Bruzer features a rugged and commuter-friendly design, catering to both urban and rural markets. The motorcycle is equipped with an LED headlamp, a tall visor, a small fuel tank, and a sleek tail section. The innovative design places the cylindrical CNG tank under the fuel tank and seat, providing a comfortable riding position similar to Bajaj’s existing commuter models.

Engine and Performance

While official details are yet to be confirmed, leaks suggest that the Bajaj Bruzer will be powered by a 125cc, air-cooled engine, similar to some of Bajaj’s commuter motorcycles. The engine is expected to be tuned for fuel efficiency and everyday commuting needs. This will offer a balance of performance and mileage. The motorcycle will be paired with a five-speed gearbox for smooth acceleration and ride comfort.

Variants and Pricing

The Bajaj Bruzer is expected to be offered in two variants—one for city riders and another for rural markets. The rugged variant is likely to come with additional features such as a sump guard, knuckle guards, and a handlebar brace for added stability. Despite its advanced features, the Bruzer is expected to be competitively priced, with an estimated starting price of around Rs. 80,000 (ex-showroom).

Launch Date and Expectations

The Bajaj Bruzer is scheduled to be launched in India on June 18, 2024. Therefore, marking a significant milestone for Bajaj Auto and the Indian motorcycle industry. With its innovative design, cost-effective running, and eco-friendly credentials, the Bruzer is expected to set a new benchmark for motorcycles in India.


The Bajaj Bruzer represents a major step forward in the evolution of motorcycles in India. With its focus on affordability, performance, and environmental sustainability, the Bruzer is poised to revolutionize the way Indians commute. Hence, offering a greener and more economical alternative to traditional petrol-powered bikes.